Thursday, January 24, 2008

Letter to Your Congressmen and Women

This is a letter I wrote to my Congressmen and women out of sheer outrage about how they are not doing their jobs where issues vital to the survival of this country are concerned. If anyone has the same urge, and cannot think of what they want to say, how to say it, or do not have the time to compose one, PLEASE use mine if you want to. If you want to use all of it or part of it verbatim, go for it! If you want to use it and change the wording to your style, that is fine. Just please send a letter to let your Congresspeople know that we know what they are up to behind the scenes and to remind them that we can change that for them if they continue.

The future of the United States as a free country is jeopardized in the extreme. The United States is being attacked and colonized by the cancer of Saudi Wahhabi Islam which is metastasizing into every part of our society. If this process is unchecked for much longer, this country as our Founding Fathers envisioned it and in turn fought and died to create, and as Americans have known and loved it, will be destoryed, perhaps forever.

What are you, as a member of Congress and part of the nation's leadership doing to bring this travesty to a screeching halt?! You were elected to your office by we, the people, to serve this country's best welfare. Are you doing so? Or have you sold out your birthright and ours for far more than 30 pieces of Saudi silver?

There is no way you are not clearly aware of the multifaceted threat to America.

Following are some comments on several of these subversive, seditious threats:

The concerted effort, especially by Saudi Wahhabi Muslims and the American left, to destroy American freedom of speech.

The primary goal of CAIR and all other Saudi Muslim lobbies is to grind into the dust Americans' birthright of freedom of speech and to intimidate the population to the extent that they are afraid or unable to stand up and defend themselves against the lies, theft, sedition, corruption, and exploitation which the Saudi Wahhabi Muslims and the totalitarian-oriented American left are dying to inflict upon them. Why? Becasue they have much to hide when it comes to their treason, greed, and overwe'ening ambition to destroy America as a free country. In the case of the Muslim terrorists, they have centuries of global butchery they do not want made public (read Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Jihad, Serge Trifkovic's The Sword of the Prophet, Paul Fregosi's Jihad in the West, and Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations to verify this). American left politicians who dream of empire (Hillary, Conyers, Pelosi, Ellison are several examples) are so naive as to think that if one of them comes to power, they will be able to harness the Wahhabi Muslim desire for overthrow of American to their own aims. Not lilkely. The Saudi Muslims will eliminate that person and steamroall right over the body as they are doiing this instant in every country all over the world. I have personal experience with Arabs and there is nothing they enjoy more that walking over a person to get what they want--if they are not shoved back against the wall and told to go to hell in a handbasket in front of as many people as possible so that they are embarrassed to death.

Stop pandering and appeasing the Saudi Muslims by saying what they want to hear, doing what they want you to do in direct opposition to American interests, and stop paving the way for them to Islamize this country. Get up off your knees, give them back their filthy money, and stand up for our country's freedoms under the Constitution like the free-born American you are.

The imminent decapitation and extinction of the valiant, accomplished, and courageous Israel.

Bush and Rice are demanding that the ancient homeland of the Jews be even further reduced by a corridor cutting through the middle of Israel's heartland to allow Palestinians further access. Since the monsters called Palestinian terrorists live to kill every Jew in existence (verified by Walid Shoebat in his book, Why We Want To Kill You, by Anis Shorrosh, Ph.D., and several other former Palestinian terrorists associated with Walid), they will gladly agree to a peace treaty which they will never honor since agreements with infidels (kufr) have no validity for Muslims, and the second the corridor is open, they will joyously proceed with their genocide of Israelis who have defended themselves against extinction by the Arabs ever since the State of Israel came into existence in 1948.

The arrogance of it. To strongarm another country into allowing itself to be sawed in half in order to accommodate the most vicious, psychotic, and relentless terrorists on the planet who live and die to eliminate that country's citizens. This kind of request would never be made of a larger political entity. Israel is one of our staunchest allies. This is betrayal by the United States of the lowest kind --is this what we have sunk to? We, the country with the Statue of Liberty standing outside of New York with a plaque attached to the base which says,

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

We, the country that has been the steadfast baastion of freedom for all who seek it--and now whose president and secretary of state are in effect signing Israel's death warrant by pandering to the very Saudi Wahhabi terrorists and cohorts who cannot wait to steal every freedom Americans have ever known, steal our country from us, and kill everyone who refuses to kneel to their backward god of slaughter? I can hardly stand it.

You need to be aware that there never was an Arab country of Palestine. There was only a Roman province about 70 AD which the Romans designated as the location where the Jewish community in the Roman Empire was to reside. There were never any Arabs from Palestine--only Arabs living in Jordan and Egypt.

Why should Israel give up its 3,000-year-old birthright which was not only given to them by God, it is archaeologically proven to have been in effect at least 1,000 years before Muhammad was even bloody born?

The continuing influx of immigrants, especially male Muslim students, who gravitate toward Muslim fundamentalist organizations--for example, the Muslim Student Organization--which radicalize everyone who become associated withe them and turn them into terrorists who hate America and determine to destroy it.

It is suicidal insanity to welcome 15,000+ Saudi dissident students into this country because the Saudi monarchy does not want to deal with them, especially in light of the 9/11 attacks being the result of Saudi pilots. Actually, this is rank treason on the part of our government.

Are you aware that, since 2001, CIA/FBI cooperation with agents in overseas counterterrorism agencies has resulted in hundreds of Muslim terrorist plots to blow up major American infrastructures being prevented? Don't take my word for it. This is discussed and documented at length in Ronald Kessler's book The Terrorist Watch: Inside The Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack.

The porous northern and spouthern American borders.

The U.S. is inundated with illegal aliens from Mexico and the Middle East who bring over their endlessly extended families so that all of them can live off our welfare system and receive free medical care. AND THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS FOOT THE BILL WHICH IS IN THE MILLIONS. This is why so many healthcare facilities such as Bellevue are going bankrupt. They are forced to give medical care to anyone who shows up at the door, regardless of their ability to pay either out of pocket or through insurance. These aliens have no money and they have no insurance, but they have one thing--diseases which the United States conquered decades ago which are reappearing. They have access to resources which American citizens do not. Many of these illegal aliens are terrorists or potential terrorists perfectly willing to milk the United States of as much money and services as possible while they plan how to blow up the entire country and decimate our economy and way of life in the process of taking over.

The North American Union plot is the main reason why the borders have not been sealed. The movers and shakers of this scheme hold ultra-secret meetings which they conceal from government 'outsiders' and from American citizens because they know full well tlhat what they are up to is illegal, unconstitutional, and treasonous to the United States and probably to Canada and Mexico as well. ("Who want to observe the rule of law when there is so much money and power to be had? Let's just keep everything to ourselves.")

The process is identical to "The Dialogue" which as the euphemism for the years of plannign and engineering by DeGaulle in cahoots with the Arab League back in the 1970s to sell out France as the Arabized fatted calf in return for oil and a hope that France would once again be an empire and compete with Unted States. This can be verified in Bat Ye'or's meticulously researched book, Eurabia. The French people and the rest of the European population did not want the millions of Mulism immigrants that flooded into their cities, towns, and countryside, defacing and desecrating their works of art, their holy places, and public swares, and attacking and molesting any Europeans who came near them. Oriana Fallaci's book, Rage and Pride, describes the changes in horrifying detail.

Shelve your ambitions long enough to build a northern double wall with a corridor in between for patrols, separating Canada and the U.S. and a similar southern double border separating the U.S. and Mexico. The terrorist and illegal alien problem wmould be halved overnight at the very least. Then the United States just might begin to make some real headway in bringing under control the infiltration of Wahabbi schemes of conquest and keep American solciety free from the cancer of Islamist terrorism and subversion.

So, what are you going to do about even these four probems and what are you going to influence your fellows in Congress to do? Are you going to cut out the appeasement of the Saudi Muslims with oh, so much money which you don't need, but want because it is such a status symbol, among other things?

Or are you going to let your greed and delusion of entitlement rule out your sense of decency and ethics? That pleasant and lucrative sense of entitlement you hug to your bosom was made possible by your being elected to office by WE, THE PEOPLE. And we can take it away from you simply by electing someone else.

After reading this, don't bother to have your secretary or whoever write one of those insulting, patronzing, and pablum-like form letters one sends to a moron lwho has less than a zero level of intelligence. Instead, get up out of your comfortable chair which sits behind a desk designed to intimidate and impress visitors, walk out of your overly well-appointed office, and get to work for the good of this country as our Founding Fathers envisioned it like you are supposed to have been doing all along.

When you begin, if you begin, to make a practical difference in the direction of correcting the above four points, I will be the first to spread the world far and wide that you indeed deserve to be in Congress and that you are an American hero or heroine. Only then will your legacy begin to be written in gold.



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