Wednesday, January 23, 2008

20-Year Plan to Destroy America's Freedoms

The Wahhabi Muslims' goal since the early 1900's has been worldwide domination by Wahhabi Islam. To that end they have played, AND STILL PLAY, a double game with the United States.

Even as they sell us oil and say in loud voices whaty we want to hear about their positions on political issues, they have been and still are disseminating hate literature worldwide and throughout every level of American society, including Wahhabi-oriented mosques whose imams preach hate for America, Americans, Jews, and every freedom we possess. This is also the programs in the islamic schools that are being esablished as rapidly as the Saudis can streamroll over the objections of American citizens.

Saudis have infiltrated the government inclucing the Pentagon, the military, the White House, and the Congress, the banking system, the Stock Exchange, and our edcuational institutions. The following will clarify the focus of their activities even further..

Inroads into every country, including the United States, take the form of organizing, funding, and establishing

(1) mosques and Islamic schools;

(2) providing bought-and-sold imams to preach hatred and contempt for host countries and funding terrorist cells within the mosques;

(3) forming Islamist special interest groups such as the Council for American Islamic Relations to lobby for privileges for Muslims alone;

(4) infiltrating the media for propaganda and censorship purposes;

(5) gaining control of the computer industries to control communications;

(6) infiltrating the public educational system by means of textbooks which whitewash and promote Islam;

(7) funding entire university Islamic Studies departments chaired by Islamist Ph.D.s and using Islamist professors to teach the Saudi Islamic party line of peace, love, and similarity to Christianity along with lies about the actual mature of Islam and Muhammed;

(8) forming Muslim student organizations which purpose it is to keep Muslim foreign students hostile to their host countries, proselytize for Islam, recruit as many new converts as possible, and to set up terrorist cells within the host countries at every opportunity;

(9) buying off political leaders with staggering sums of money to influence them to betray their countries and assist in the extinction of their citizens’ national heritages, rights, and freedoms in favor of Islamic dhimmitude;

(10) bring fear to the society at large by indiscriminate violence and killings; and

(11) establish Muslim rule by force after the fabric of the society and government have been destroyed;

(12) threaten to cut off the supply of oil to the United States;

(13) terminate American freedom of speech by replacing it with hate crime bills state-wide and nation-wide;

(14) Nominate Islamist sympathizers for office;

(15) encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House;

(16) accelerate Islamic population growth;

(17) marry American women and Islamize them, then divorce them and remarry;

(18) present resident Muslims as deprived victims of the American system;

(19) intimidate anyone who speak out against Islam;

(20) open false ‘charities’ and bilk Americans of funding money; and

(21) convert angry blacks to militant Islam, but do not tell them that it was the Arabs who originally sold blacks as slaves for centuries,

The above information is according to Dr. Anis Shorrosh, a former Palestinian terrorist who converted to Christianity and whose knowledge of Islamist goals and strategies for achieving them is firsthand and from experience.

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